Hi! Thank you for inquiring into the registration for Burbank Casting. Unfortunately we do not have a registration process. We get all our talent from LA Casting (lacasting.com) It's an online internet database that talent register with. It's used by many casting directors in the Los Angeles area, for all types of work. It gives you access to submit yourself for certain jobs that fit your profile. LA Casting is a great tool for Extras, Principals, Models, etc. 

We also use calling services, they help you get work. The one we use the most is Extras Management. They are right across the street from Central Casting and you can find them online as well. extrasmanagement.com

If you are on LA Casting, send us your profile & we can look you up.

Email : talent@burbankcasting.com


We do recommend Kids get registered with lacasting and get a work permit. And then apply for representation to